A Model Approach

Ten things aspiring models should know before choosing an agency

They say it’s not easy being beautiful but we beg to differ. When you’re blessed with striking model looks and the savvy to make a career out of it, all you have to do is find the right representation.

Here are 10 things you need to know before choosing your agency and why Fashion Model Management may be right up your catwalk…

  • 10)   Where The Magic Happens
    Every aspiring model knows that London is the place to be. We cover all your travel expensesto London from anywhere in the UK to ensure you gain access to top castings and key industry players in the fashion capital of the world.
  • 9)   Fair Play
    A reputable agency will be able to fulfil your modelling dreams without being paid a pretty penny. Fashion Model Management takesjust the industry standard 20% commission from all jobs without any demands for money upfront.
  • 8)   Know Yourself
    Our management tailor their services to guide every individual model in the best direction. We offer traditional fashion work as well as catwalk, editorial, glamour, lingerie, swimwear and fitness jobs – to name just a few!If you fancy working on the fringes in a music video or as an extra, we’ve got you covered.
  • 7)   Dream On
    We know first-hand how determined buddingmodels are to achieve their dreams. That’s why we offer work to young people from the age of 14. Start early and reach for the stars.
  • 6)   Keep It Kosher
    An agency might talk a good gamebut if the correct paperwork isn’t available, don’t touch them with a bargepole. We arefully regulated under the Employment Agency Standards Inspectorateto give you peace of mind.
  • 5)   Work It
    You may want to drop everything and become a full-time model right away but it’s usually a longer journey to the top. We offer jobs to fit around your work or studies, with our part-time models earningup to £12,000a year.
  • 4)   Go Global
    A driven, focused attitude is essential for any aspiring model and you want an agency thatcan fulfil your wildest ambitions. We offer work across the UK as well as Western Europe and North America, so that you can show the world what you’re made of.
  • 3)   One Size Fits All
    Many agencies work under a prehistoric assumption that all models should be a size 4. Fashion Model Management operate in the real world and know that beauty is subjective.We work with models of all sizes and from all walks of life.
  • 2)   In The Know
    Nobody wants to sign with an agency that are second in line for the best jobs. We are networkingaficionados with a little black book bursting at the seams. We always know about the best castings and industry events before anyone else, which is why our models are so highly sought after.
  • 1)   Go with Your Gut
    You’ll usually have a gut feeling about whether an agency is right for you. Our extensive client listconsiders Fashion Model Management to be irresistible. We believe that you will too.

For more on how we can help you achieve your career dreams, give us a call on 020 3507 0437 | 020 3507 0438 or drop us an email: info@fashionmodelmanagement.co.uk