About Us

Fashion Model Management is one of the leading boutique modeling agencies, priding itself on its distinguished talent roster and client base. Fashion Model Management continuously seeks to form strategic alliances with not only prominent and non-prominent clients that regularly hire models but also, with entertainment companies that specialize in artist management, concert promotion, touring, and music publishing. The rationale behind this is to make Fashion Model Management one of the most well-connected agencies in the business. The key to Fashion Model Management ‘s success is a selective, discerning eye for talent; the company's philosophy is quality, not quantity.

In terms of model representation, Fashion Model Management seeks to represents high end and low end fashion models from around the UK including children and plus size. The agency’s focus is on personal management for our models, with excellent and diligent work for our clients.

The agency’s belief is that models can be managed as talent in the same vein as professional athletes, actors, and other entertainers, and that their popularity could be leveraged into strong personal brands beyond the magazine page or runway. Behind this is Fashion Model Management’s conviction that such a strategy can result in the industry’s highest standard of excellence. By continuing to managing careers over bookings, this will produce an upshot that gives the agency a point of difference that will, in due course propel Fashion Model Management’s nonstop growth.

Moreover, in aiming to be an industry pioneer, Fashion Model Management will continue to challenge the status quo with its clients, and broaden opportunities for all of its talent.

Fashion Model Management ’s commitment to the personalities it represents is its greatest strength. The stability and depth of experience of its management team—the core of which has worked together to shape the careers of newcomers and superstars alike since the early ‘00s— allows the agency to stand out in a business where volatility is the norm.

The agency’s ability to manage and maximize a model’s career at every stage, whether by nurturing newly discovered talent, or revitalizing the professional lives of established models, will hopefully be proven over time. Fashion Model Management believes in the potential of the entire individual and has taken an unyielding stance against segmenting talent by race, age, or size.