Why Models Prefer Working withFashion Model Management

Millions of people – men and women of all shapes and sizes – all across the UK dream of becoming a model. The allure isn’t difficult to understand. The glamour, the clothes, and especially the extra money made in your spare time are all extremely attractive. However, there are only so many big modelling agencies, and they all seem to scout the same rail thin types that the fashion industry says it is trying to get away from.

The good news is that there are a great deal more options for aspiring and established professional models than you may think. Fashion Model Management offers tremendous opportunities for new and established models alike. In fact, we asked some of our most successful clients what sets Fashion Model Management apart from the rest when it comes to getting new models started in this exciting industry, and this is what we learned:

  • 1)   Fashion Model Management stands out because they give models of all sizes – and all ages – real opportunities to advance their career.
  • 2)   They pay all of your travel expenses, so they really are a UK-wide organisation. They aren’t just recruiting form central London!,
  • 3)   Fashion Model Management makes it easy to work part time, leaving plenty of time and energy for school or your ‘day job’.
  • 4)   I like that they are closely supervised by the Employment Agency Standards Inspectorate – that means they really treat their models well.
  • 5)   For me, it was the pay. They make it easy to earn £10,000 or more every year. That’s amazing for part-time work, at least where I live!
  • 6)   It’s a bit controversial, but I’ll say it. I like that they don’t just hire white girls! There are people of every sort who are interested in fashion and modelling, and I’m glad companies like Fashion Model Management remember that!
  • 7)   Well, as much as I love it, modelling isn’t the beginning and the end of my life. I go to university, which takes a huge amount of effort for me. Fashion Model Management goes out of their way to respect that.
  • 8)   I like the opportunity for travel. Most of the jobs I’ve done with Fashion Model Management are in the UK, but (free) travel to Europe and even North America is not unheard of!
  • 9)   I always appreciated how transparent their pay and commission system is. They take the industry standard of 20%, but they really do earn it. And there aren’t any hidden fees or dodgy deposits!
  • 10)   I like they wide variety of the work they offer. It’s not all catwalks and photo shoots! I mean, there is quite a lot of high fashion and cosmetic work – which I love – but there are also promotional appearances, swimwear, lingerie and glamour shots, and a surprising amount of work for children, plus-size and mature models. They even handle appearances as TV extras and in music videos!

So there you have it! But don’t take our (or their) word for it. Contact us today to discuss your future in the fashion and modelling industry, and exactly how we can help you achieve it!

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